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See what our tribe is buzzing about!

             " I ordered three of 

           these candles and the

         smells are amazing. You can

       smell them through your house as 

         soon as you take the lid off

    without even lighting.When lit they     

 burn evenly with just the right amount of

     aroma! I highly recommend these!"


                               -Tracy R,

               Scent To Be Customer

       "I received a candle from

        Scent To Be as a gift from

         a friend. Not only did it last for

      what seemed like forever, but

       the smell was amazing. I have an

             open concept home and it filled the room without being overbearing.


             I will definately be making a purchase                 soon....who am I kidding, I will be making                    multiple purchases soon!

                          -Becka Meeks,

               Scent To Be Customer        


                 "My family has

enjoyed all of the candles

we have purchased from

           Scent To Be.  In hearing how

         much work they put not just into

       developing their incredible scents but

       manufacturing it makes me even more

         happy with my purchases."

                                         - John Davidson,


                                Scent To Be Customer

"The best addition to

any home decor with a scent that will last for

hours after you blow the 

flame out."

-Holly R,

Scent To Be


"I've never ordered candles online.

        I'm very picky about what I choose when I buy           

them in store and I'll smell every candle before I

pick one out. So, needless to say, I was a bit hesistant 

at first to buy these. BUT, BOY SHOULD I HAVE BOUGHT   

THEM SOONER. I got my candlees in the mail yesterday and   

every single scent smells absolutely amazing! The packaging is

beautiful, the scents are absolutely lovely, and the shipping was

super quick! If you're in need of new candles, are tired of the same rotating smells form the retail stores, or simply just want to

support a small business, please use this store. 

- Morgan R, Scent To Be Top Fan


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