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Let’s drop the pretense shall we... 
Scent To Be was started because of two best friends deciding the world was in need of cleaner burning, healthier candles. We learned candles containing vegetable wax and paraffin wax give off many carcinogens when burned, as well as leave soot on the candles, walls, and furniture. That is why we decided to make 100% all-natural, premium vegan soy candles with no additives, zero fake coloring, and phthalate-free. Our candles not only burn 90% cleaner, they burn 40% slower than other candles, giving you more burn for your buck! Our tins are 100% recyclable, our wicks are lead-free, and our candles are environmentally friendly! Not to mention our wax melts, which are packaged in 100% biodegradable recycled bags. Because Scent To Be is dedicated to making eco-friendly products we are donating 5% of yearly sales to Bee City, USA in an effort to help bee conservation involvement and awareness. Bees are a vital part of our human existance due to their never ending work of pollonation. Their existential threat is ours as well! To donate, get involved or for more general info, visit www.beecityusa.org.


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